Monday, February 11, 2008


During my adolescence years, I came upon this very meaningful Disney movie called “Lilo and Stitch.” It was once my favorite movie of the year—embarrassed to admit … I was at the age of 14 and yet I still find cartoons irresistible! There is something about them that draws my attention…their “innocent and uncontaminated ideology” I guess… but anyway…back to the topic.

In that particular movie, Lilo (an adorable character in the movie), mentioned that, “ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” A very meaningful sentence indeed, I thought…

Being born into a family is not something anyone could choose, but I am definitely glad to be a member of the my family. I have got the world most wonderful parents, reliable siblings that I can always count on when I have difficulties and not to mention, a huge group of relatives that makes my life filled with joys and wonders!

I feel that everyone should appreciate the kind of bonding they had with their family members. Cherishing the “inseparable bonds” that was created the moment we step into this world. My new year is always crowded and blissful, everybody will be there, and it is always an event that no one will omit. I treasured every minute that I’ve spent with them. Our gossips, exchanging greetings, having fun with the children, eating delicious meal together that was specially prepared by aunt and last but not least, our annual card games that we will never miss out on :) It is this kind of strong unbreakable bonds we had deep within us that create a smile on our face whenever we meet each other …I guess that’s the power of family. It is certainly true that family could never be forgotten. It is in our blood and most importantly, it is in our HEART that we will always stay united as 'one.'

Having a family is like having someone that u can be concerned about.... enable a person to give his/her unconditional love and never ending faith....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New Beginning

Once again a year had gone by not knowingly. Last year, I had been through many difficulties and gone through many new experiences, encountered all sorts of emotions. Meeting new friends and expanding my knowledge had been great fun for me. Although there were times that I grumblers thinking that, “year 2007 was the worst year in my entire life!” I cannot say that last year was my best year; however, I can certainly say without any doubt that last year was the year that changed my life. Learning how to face reality, starting to face all sorts of difficulties in life…last year was definitely the year that make me grow into an adult :)

Living a life without any dreams or hopes is the worst feeling in the world. To me, the feeling of not putting 100% effort in the things that I’m doing, was the feeling that I constantly encountered last year. Not being able to do something wholeheartedly, completing work without any will power driving behind me, knowing that whatever I did isn’t what I wanted, looking into the mirror and realized that I have long lost my old self. All these feeling had made me want to give up myself. Many times, I wanted to just stop whatever I’m doing and just give up my whole life. Wishing that, I could just live a meaningless and useless life. Nevertheless, something pulls me back on track. I had come to realize that as a human being we have to learn to adapt and change constantly. If we lost our hope, then have more faith. If we lost our dreams; make new dreams…it is this kind of perseverance that keeps us going; the everlasting faith that we had to have within ourselves and our dreams for the future.

In this New Year, I hope to have a better year and make more memorable memories that could last me a life time :) hoping that i could be a better person ....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

People actually read my blog... :)

First of all, I want to say that I’m really glad to make a little discovery today hee...i found out that people actually read my blog...which kind of surprise me as i really just thought that only people i know would read my blog. However, not long ago, i received a comment on the "hunting" entry. i regret that i actually deleted the comment i really wanted to share with all of you but anyway I’ll just try to summarised what that person let's name as Mr. X had said.
Basically, Mr.X disagree with my point, noting that i pointed all the blame of killing animals on hunters and being too stereotype. Mr.X also claimed that, he himself did hunt and claimed that it is true that people kill for money and other horrible stuff but he stated that there are still people who hunt for survival. In addition, he claimed that most of the money he gains from hunting goes back to preservation. Furthermore, Mr.X emphasized that everyone is being guilty for killing animals including me and not just the hunters. He argued that we uses fuel from automobile and electricity which indirectly also cause harm for the animals. ( i think it's because Crude oil that is being used for petrol and stuff like that are collected from habitats of animal and if we indiscriminately gathering those fuel might eventually lead to the lost of habitat for many animals.)

once again i am really please to have comment on what i had wrote :) although it might be someone with different point of views but i really love to hear more different opinions coming along. This makes me feel that my writing did kind of spread to people everywhere hee :)

Anyway, these are some of my reply back for Mr. X. After reading it,everyone, please feel free to tell me more about your own personal feeling. But the base of it is, no unkind words in the comment and please please do not grudge over the entry this is really just personal opnions.

My reply...

I’m certainly glad to hear that you have been playing a part in helping to preserve wetlands. I don’t mean to offence anyone but personally I just feel that hunting animal is wrong. You might have a different point of view but I think this is just a matter of different people having different perspective in situations. As I said earlier in my blog, hunting for survival purpose is definitely not inappropriate. However, am I wrong to say that people nowadays hunt for pleasure? It is true that you are helping in preservation but am I wrong to say that you, yourselves actually enjoy the process of hunting?
Nowadays we don’t need to hunt to get food. Food is always available if we just go to the hypermarket. Why do we need to kill more than what we need? In addition, personally I don’t see the need to hunt in order to preserve wetlands. We can preserve wetlands as long as we have the will to do it. Furthermore, I would like to apologize for my ignorance for not knowing the procedures or rules for legal hunting. I definitely did not know that there are listed animals that you could kill or could not kill. Nevertheless, I still feel that a big part of contribution to endangered animals is because of excessive and indiscriminate hunting (illegally) or for market purpose.
It is true that you pointed out; my existence has an impact on animals. But as I said again in my blog in some other entry, the earth can sacrifice for our need but not greed. Our needs nowadays might not be the same as what our ancestors’ need of survival decades ago. Technology plays a big part. Sometimes computer might have become a need and not greed anymore. It is true though that I used internet for leisure, but I switch it off whenever I don’t need them. But it really didn’t make a difference because, for me, I sign up using green energy for electricity supply to my house, which means the electricity from my house is generated by wind energy instead of fuel. I walk or cycle as long as the journey is not distant. It is true that our existence caused problems for a lot of animals but that is just part of how ecosystem works.
There won’t have any define positive or negative impact. It’s always a little bit of both. It is just a matter of, if it is more towards the negative or positive side. I do consume animals as food but I never buy animal products like skin or horn. I had stop eating endangered animals like shark fin soup! I have participated in many activities that help in the conservation of animals. I personally feel that our existence is to protect them within our ability and not put extra harm on them. But then again, as I said many people might just have a different opinion.

Thanks for reading my blog everyone :)
Some part unintentionally i might bias towards myself haha but i am not exactly an objective person haha sorry...

Exam coming SOON!! (a lucky escape)

sorry people thanks for always checking out my blog but nowadays as exams are coming along i wont be free until the mid nov. so i'll only update again starting from mid nov. please don lose faith in me. keep coming back after mid nov. i'll find a topic that is interesting, in order to not let u guys down:)

Look at the first picture above and you can see where this guy broke through the crash barrier (right side where the people are standing on the road).

His truck left the road, travelling from right to left. He flipped end-over-end, across the culvert outlet and landed on the left side of it.

Now look at the 2nd picture; this person is seriously LUCKY!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

What My Sister Thinks About ME!!

Something that I find it interesting to share with everyone…the short paragraph below is how my sister describes me on our family blog…hai… here it goes…

Starting with ah jiun (my Chinese name) :
Our dear mei mei joined fitness first (something like California fitness) about 2 wks ago. Day1, she happily went to one of the fitness class, same goes for day 2.... But when day 3 arrived...


She has to stop exercising for 3 wks.


After 3 days of exercise, she had torn her 'L... (I dunno how to spell the term and she refused to explain to me.... some muscle I assumed). (It was L.I.G.A.M.E.N.T by the way…not a muscle!)

That was news NO.1 about our meimei

Second News...

She is officially gaining weight. AH JIUN is a white-bread (basically FLOUR) addict. One loaf of bread in our house can (AT MOST) last for 4 days because most of the time, we can finish all of them in 2 days time!I am not lying! Even she herself admits that she is gaining weight. Normally when people start gaining weight, they try to get into a diet. Well, our dear sister did try going on a diet. She asked me to cook less for dinner and eat fruits during movies. A healthy, no junk food diet plan!

However.... guess how long it last???

For a person who can never resist snacks temptation, ah jiun diet plan officially lasted for 3 days. Her marketing technique was good though. By day 3, everybody has known about this short-lived diet of hers.
That’s about all the news worthy information about Ah jiun. Honestly, she is not a very interesting person. Her life is her bedroom. She sleeps on her bed and study on her bed. Her only and favourite pastime involves searching the internet for more cartoons. (Its anime, well I guess it really doesn’t make a difference hee :) )
She does not know where the sugar is kept and has no idea that our house has Milo cereal (even though it has been in the kitchen for months!). One morning, when my friend was eating cereal in our house, she asked, “OHH Milo cereal! Where did u get it!!?” >.<

It’s embarrassed to admit but it's entirely true! Oh well what more can I say? My sister understands ME hahahahahha: P

Tuesday, September 25, 2007